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We believe in the beauty of nature -
Beauty Treatments in High Wycombe
Manicure, pedicures, waxing,eyelash extensions, tinting & spray tanning & professional makeup.
45 mins
Includes soaking and exfoliation of the hands, cuticle work and hand massage.  Cleansing with natural limes and finished with filing and choice of Jessica colour or French.
Express Manicure
30 mins
Includes soaking and exfoliation of hands, followed by file and choice of Jessica colour or French.
Spa Manicure
1hr 15 mins
Relax and indulge with this spa inspired Pinks Organic manicure. This manicure is carried out with the client in a reclined position, making this a uniquely relaxing experience.  To greet you the treatment begins with the wonderful Indonesian or Himilayan aromas.
Includes a mineral crystal soak in a wooden bowl with petals and exfoliation of hands and arms.  Nails are scrubbed with fresh limes before the cuticle and nail work begins.  Relax and unwind with an Indonesian inspired massage of clam walking and meridian pressure points to the arms, shoulders and head.
Followed with a choice of Jessica colour and hydrating Indonesian inspired balm. A herbal tea to finish and an organic chocolate to indulge.  A real treat!
Pedicure (Luxury)
45 mins
Includes foot soak and exfoliation of feet, removing dead skin.
Smoothing and softening of hard skin, cuticle work and nails cut, filed and buffed.  Finished with Jessica colour or French varnish.
Spa Pedicure
1hr 15 mins
The pedicure journey begins with a Himalayan inspired aroma welcoming. Feet are sanitised and showered with Himalayan mineral crystals while soaking in the beautiful wooden pedicure bowl, with petals. 
With this treatment we treat top to tail so whilst soaking, you will receive a wonderful head massage.   Our organic foot scrub is then used to remove dead skin cells before you are transferred to the couch and grounded with a relaxing crystal trail around the body.
On the couch we will trim cuticles, cut and file nails as required, followed by a reflexology-influenced stick foot massage, commonplace in the Himalayan countries of Tibet and Nepal.
Toes are then painted if required (varnish is not organic) and finally the feet are deeply nourished with our refreshing and super hydrating  aromatic foot balm. The journey almost complete – you can relax with a herbal tea.
There are many different types of hair removal but waxing is one of the quickest and most effective methods when kept up regularly.
 We use PhD Safewax Applicator Waxing - a tried and tested tube applicator system, offering a professional, hygenic, quick and easy, and less painful wax.
Full Leg
Full Leg & Bikini
Half Leg
Three Quarter Leg
Full Arm
Lower Arm
Under Arm
Bikini (wax up to the pantie line)
Bikini Brief (high leg brief and tummy) 
Brazilian (leaves a small strip with no intimate waxing)
Hollywood (all hair removed)
Eyebrow Shape
Upper Lip
Upper Lip & Chin
(24 hr patch test is required)
Eyelash Tint
Eyebrow Tint
 Eyelash extensions
(24 hr patch test is required)
Eyelashes were traditionally applied in strips or clusters.  Lash extensions are applied individually to your own lashes, to lengthen and define your eyes.  The lash extensions can last weeks depending on the life-cycle of your natural eyelash. 
If at any time you don't wish to continue with the eyelash extensions they must be professionally removed.  You should never pick, tug, twist or excessively touch your extensions.
You will need to have a patch test to check if you are allergic to the adhesive.
Spray Tanning
A unique natural formulation to achieve a golden and even tan all year round.
A tan for all occasions and all skin types.  
How long will it last?  One of the most difficult questions because it depends on your skin type and lifestyle, as every body and every skin is different.  However we would say up to 7 days, as a guideline.
-Exfoliate your skin 24 hours before paying attention to any dry areas, such as knees, elbows and heels.
-Don't shower just before the tan as you don't want shower gels, perfumes, deodorants, and creams on your skin. Also, please come 'make-up free'.
-Wear loose dark clothing.
-Don't shower your skin for at least 6-8 hours after, when you wash the tan off.
-Avoid sweating.
-Moisturise your skin regularly.
-Don't shave for at least 12 hours after.
-Avoid waxing and exfoliating as this will remove the tan.
Our therapist will help you decide which shade (percentage) is right for you. Percentages:        6% / 9% / 12%
Professional & occasional make-up enquire within or check out our Price list page.
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