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Your bespoke Hypnotherapy Session

At Altea we use Hypnotherapy to help bring you fast, life changing results. This form of Therapy has already empowered thousands of people to live better lives.

We build a relationship with you based on confidence and trust. We offer support and guidance before and after hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy empowers you to make the changes which will relieve the suffering caused by weight issues, phobias, anxiety and addictions. One to three short sessions is all you need to overcome most issues.

How can hypnotherapy help me?

RTT Hypnotherapy is an effective therapy for overcoming weight problems, addictions and phobias. It can help you improve your relationship with yourself and others. RTT brings greater happiness into your life.
By identifying the reasons behind your issues we are 99% of the way to permanently eliminating your problems. Journeying through your subconscious mind enables us to identify the root cause of your issues. We utilise our knowledge to communicate effectively with your subconscious mind.

We are trained to address your thinking, feelings and beliefs no matter how deeply they are hidden. Our expertise enables us to feed positive suggestions to your subconscious mind whilst in a highly receptive state.

RTT Hypnotherapy is a solution focused therapy that uses simple steps to get fast results.

This highly effective therapy requires a maximum of three sessions. This means that you overcome your issues as quickly as possible with lasting results. We encourage you to focus on how much better your life will be once you gain control.

What happens during an RTT session?

Throughout hypnotherapy you are awake and fully aware of what is happening. We simply relax your conscious mind in order to work with the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is where pain lingers and unresolved events fester. In the subconscious mind stress accumulates, habits form and behavioural patterns develop. Each session lasts around 60 - 90 minutes depending on your particular issue. At the end of the session you will feel calm, positive and in control. Each session is uniquely tailored to your needs, at the end of the session you will receive a recording which we advise you to listen to regularly as the mind learns by repetition.

Therapy for Anxiety, Depression and Stress

There are many ways in which modern life can impact on our ability to live a happy, fulfilling life. Anxiety, Depression and Stress are all too common and many people in the UK and across the world find life too challenging as a result.
If you are suffering with Anxiety, Depression or Stress, hypnotherapy can help you find your solution.

At Altea our registered hypnotherapist can help you identify and deal with your underlying issues, bringing you relief and enabling you to move forward again.
These conditions can be signs of Anxiety Depression and Stress, so if you’re experiencing one or more of these do get in touch:
• Panic Attacks
• Lack of Self Confidence
• Low Self Esteem
• Insomnia
• Phobias
• Social Phobia
• Exam or Revision Stress
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Fear of Public Speaking

Our Hypnotherapist specialises in Anxiety & Depression and is an approved Therapist with Anxiety UK, a charity which has just been awarded charity of the year (May 2017). Anyone can have anxiety and depression, even people who you may think have a wonderful life can be suffering. We have helped a vast range of clients from celebrity chefs, authors, reporters, CEO's of large companies, Olympic champions to everyday people like you and I. Even young school children to teenagers can be suffering. We also see clients from the RAF and have received 5 star reviews.

At Altea, our Hypnotherapist can help you to understand and give you the confidence to be able to move forward.

Weight loss

We can help you lose the excess weight that is causing you low self esteem and lack of confidence. Our therapy explores your attitude to food and discovers why you overeat. The result is a genuine desire to eat healthily and the reward of gaining the body you deserve


Phobias often stem from childhood. We get to the root of your phobia by discovering what sparked your fear. Once we know what has caused your phobia, we can help you to overcome it by using a coping strategy.


Can often be traced back to a traumatic experience in the past. Anxiety causes feelings of worry and panic which are heightened by physical symptoms including breathlessness and sweating. Hypnotherapy removes your dread of situations and eliminates your anxiety. We train your mind to stop worrying and you learn to expect positive outcomes.


Are you addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sex, or gambling? Addictions destroy relationships, affect your work and reduce your quality of life. We get to the underlying cause of your addiction. Whilst you are in a relaxed state your subconscious mind is highly receptive to suggestions for controlling your urges and overcoming your addiction. RTT is effective in curing addictions quickly.

Self Confidence

Self confidence is directly linked to success in life. Increasing your self confidence gives you a better chance of achieving your goals and forming better relationships. Hypnotherapy can increase your self confidence. You will feel more confident immediately after the session.

Fertility Problems

Hypnotherapy increases your chances of conceiving, particularly when there is no medical reason for your failure to conceive. A poor mind-body connection could be preventing you from getting pregnant. RTT brings relief from the mental anguish caused by infertility. We help you to feel more in control by eliminating your negative thinking. You will learn coping techniques and ways to direct your emotions. We will empower you to let go and reaffirm your femininity.

Your journey to recovery begins now. Discover how quickly and effectively RTT Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your issues. Arrange your free consultation today.

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